Wake and Workout or Evening Exercise?

This is one of my daily dilemas. The cycle literally repeats itself.

Evening: I’m going to get everything together tonight so I can get up early and work out before work. I set my alarm. I set the coffee maker to auto start. I count the hours of sleep I may get.

Morning: My alarm goes off and I immediately hit snooze. Again and again and again and again. At some point, I shut it off and my internal clock goes off with very minimal time for me to even get to work on time. I get ready, pack my lunch and run out the door with coffee in hand.

While at work: Tonight I’m going to work out when I get home. I’ll have a small snack in the car so I can have some fuel to workout. I’m going straight to the treadmill when I get there and I’ll eat dinner afterwards.

When I get home: WOW, dinner smells good!! Maybe I’ll just eat dinner with the fam right away. That’ll give me enough time to spend time with the fam, let my food settle and I’ll get a workout in before bed.

After dinner: Food coma has now set in and my rear has grown roots to the couch. I fall asleep on the couch and miss my window for a workout because I’ll finish too late and not get enough sleep.

And repeat.

Sometimes I’m successful in the evening workout. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve gotten a morning workout done. I’m real good at planning. It’s the follow through that gets me.

Does this happen to you? When do you prefer to work out? Morning or evening?

**UPDATE** I DID get my workout in this evening. I wasn’t going to, but my son did his and I couldn’t NOT do mine. Who’s setting the example for who?


Let Me Introduce Myself…

Welcome to the Free To Be Healthy Me page!!! I am so glad YOU are here!!!

Who am I? My name is Sabrina.  I live in Chicago, a mom of three boys and I’m celebrating the big 4-0 this year.  I love to sing and spend time with friends and family. I love fitness and love food…A LOT. I try to workout a few times a week and try to eat well while also trying to balance life, work and family.  I’m just…..me. Does that sound like your life, too?

What is Free To Be Healthy Me about? Let me make something clear from the beginning. I’m not a nutritionist or a personal trainer. I’m not here to give any directions or instructions. I simply want to share my successes and failures, adventures and experiences, struggles and victories in my fitness journey. Maybe even laugh a little here and there. I want you all to know that you’re not alone. We will probably feel like a failure more times than a victor, but that’s part of the journey. The key is to not beat yourself up about it. If you don’t feel comfortable laughing at yourself, feel free to laugh at my stories. There will be plenty for me to share!!! Just don’t quit!!!

Nothing happens overnight. It doesn’t happen in a week or even a month most times.  Fitness is a lifestyle change that takes time to become habit. Let’s be real here. Most, if not all of us, do not have personal chefs or personal trainers. We look to Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and all forms of social media for fitness help. I feel like they are all great, but never share one thing……the reality of it all. They don’t talk about the days where you see a picture of yourself and feel bummed because it doesn’t fit what society says you should look like. They don’t discuss the days where you feel down about trying to focus on your fitness, but feeling guilty about putting everything else second. I want that for this page. I want it to be where you come to share your stories or live through mine. Again, I want you to know that you are not alone.

Along the way, you will hear stories about me and a group of ladies. We call ourselves the Fitness Chicks. We keep each other grounded in this journey. We’re almost like our self proclaimed Fitness Anonymous group. When one of us is feeling low, we lift each other up. When one of us totally smashed an entire lava cake just because it was there, we usually surprise each other with a similar story for the day. It’s all about supporting each other. We’re a bunch of goofballs, too. Once I get the hang of this blogging thing, I’ll share some of our adventures.

I’m not perfect. Don’t pressure yourself into thinking you have to be perfect. There is no such thing as perfect. I just want to feel good physically, mentally and spiritually. How about you? Let’s be in this together!!!

Thank you again for stopping by. I can’t wait to share this journey with you!!!